Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY: faux metal letters

So, I must give credit where credit is due...I did not come up with this project myself. It's one of the many pins that I've come across lately that caught my eye. I thought I would share it because it turned out GREAT (unlike some of the things I've tried...potato and leek soup, not so good...). First, here's a link to the original posting of the project. Also, for those of you interested, here's a link to my pinterest so you can follow me! Here's how the project goes:

1. Buy 3d cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby
2. Spray paint with metallic silver paint or (as I did) stainless steel paint (also purchased at the HL)
3. Paint
4. Hang

And that's all folks! Super duper easy and sooooo cute...they honestly look like metal letters sitting on the shelf above my sink! Paired with the stainless steel island I'm purchasing at ikea in a few weeks, plus my freshly painted warm/gray/brown cabinets, I think my kitchen will have that worn, industrial look I'm going for. Of course, these letters can be used in any room to add a bit of graphic art. Enjoy!



  1. Love it! Island?? We will definitely need a U-Haul! Can't wait for Ikea!

  2. These turned out awesome! Bought these letters the other day but hadn't decided on how to paint them! I'm going to try it:)